Some Pictures from 5/21/11

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Here are some photos Christian took yesterday.  Most are from sticking his little point and shoot held up to the scope.  Works wonders!!Passerinni's Tanager.jpg

A male Passerinni's Tanager poses on an almendra. I don't really know if his uppertail coverts or his bill glows more brightly.  They are very common around the property.  

Crested Caracara.jpg

This Crested Caracara was perched in a laurel right outside of the breakfast area.  They seem to have brighter facial skin and legs than the subspecies we have in Texas.  

Rufous-tailed Hummingbird.jpg

A Rufous-tailed Hummingbird stretches in our laurel (the one right outside our cabin - it's a very popular perch), showing how appropriate the name is.  


Volcán Arenal in the distance.  

A blog report and some more pictures will be up-and-coming this evening, hopefully.  

- The Walker Bros


I have to say, Austin, that it makes me immensely and maybe a little ridiculously happy to see your John Deere hat in the previous pictures! Great posts to everyone, though! It sounds like you're having a BLAST down there! Great pics, too!

Miss you both,

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