soaking up the heat.

I think the heat makes the bug spray melt away. Ever since Sebastian, Joe, and Forrest told us about bot flies on our night hike last night, bug spray has been a hot commodity around the cabins and in the field.

Turin and I completed our last observations today. This morning the mist-netters caught many birds, the most special being a Passerini's Tanager. Others were woken up and called down to the field to take a look. He was a refreshing start to a beautiful Costa Rican day.

Mireya, our cook, allowed Roselyn, Turin, Elise, John and me to steal two wonderful recipes from her this morning after some data entry: chayote soup and tres leches! I think we decided only our group gets to know the recipes, so if you are not a Costa Rican Mayterm student, don't ask. It's a secret.

We also went on an afternoon hike today, about which I'm sure others will share. 

Photos from yesterday and today:

playing in "la katarata" in the middle of the girls' horseback ride

Passerini's Tanager.jpg
Christian with the Passerini's Tanager

Mmm Mireya.jpg
Eating the Chayote Sopa in Mireya's kitchen

Richard the geologist.jpg
Richard sharing his knowledge on our afternoon hike.

- t-t-t tanager.

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