Field Photos Day 3

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So--day 3 is usually the day when the workload starts to push past the Day 2 high intensity effort into the downswing toward our Friday departure, but also when the heat and lots of hiking/less sleep tends to hit the students as well.  It's also the day when a group of vine snakes turn into vipers, so before anyone worries the students were all fine and the snakes were nonvenomous.  It is unusual to see that many at one time, so it was perhaps something that was a bit scary!
The habitat team did have some rough terrain to cover today and some thick plants to thrash through, making their concern about snakes very real.  They had a huge number of plants to catalog but got more efficient in their work today.
Here's Joe working to pick up the string that helped them to delineate the quadrat to make counting easier, and I can say after this they may never want to see another plant again (or at least for a while).

We were followed around by a motmot for a while, and maybe it could be considered their guardian motmot after the snake encounter.

The bird teams continued to get great data from point counts, netting and behavioral observations, and I'm looking forward to spending more time with them tomorrow.  Sebastian was showing me his collection of amazing ants, and he's very excited to get back to campus to get them identified.  There's only so much he can do here, but I think he'll have some interesting surprises once they are under a microscope.

Finally, there's one other support team member that I should acknowledge here in addition to our great field assistant Elise.  My husband, Richard Marsden, has been a part of this project since it began, and has worked a lot with the students both as an additional chaperone as well as in the field with tech support. 
Each year he gives the volcanology lecture back in Texas, and then shuts down his business at for a week to be here.  He created the EcoMap website, maintains the technical stuff and then does our panoramic photos, as well as works with the students on the gadgety stuff.  So a big thanks to my beloved at-home tech geek!


Dr. Brown!
I'm so impressed with all the work you guys are doing! I am starting to think the motmot ought to be the biology department mascot! And good job to your husband! It's so nice to have this website to look at while you guys are doing all the hard work!

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