Birds of a Feather

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Here are some pictures to go along with Turin's post of our activities yesterday. Today we tagged along with Christian and Austin at bird counts, starting bright and early at 5:30 AM in the rain. Turin and I discovered nesting behaviors might not be our guarantee for data, so we are thinking of narrowing our observations to most common species we see and record what they do in real forests versus teak and "cheese" monoculture forests.

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leafcutter ants on our morning hike on saturday!

Sebastian eating a termite! (morning protein on our walk.)

Elise's mot mot looking at her.

stilt tree roots on the Arenal volcano walk!

Christian, Austin, Richard.

sorry i couldn't rotate this, Christian. our clay-colored robin caught in the mist-net this morning in the rain!


and a shot of health and energy for good measure.

mucho gusto!


Wow, you guys.. This all looks so amazing! That volcano is epic, the bird shots are gorgeous, and everyone looks really intense about what they’re doing... especially those leaf-cutter ants. I can’t wait to see your results!

Please don’t tell me Sebastian ate the termite... although honestly Allie, I’m a little more afraid of your health/energy drink ;)

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