1. safety first 2. have fun 3. get wet.....4. go home?


Hello Blog!

The above title conotes the rules during our waterfall rappelling adventures today.  It was awesome. I believe the guides at Desafio took rule # 3 a little to serious, but that did not affect the amount of fun to be had. Today was a great way to end a great week. Everyon had a blast during their free day-fun.  The week has been filled with field work, laughs, cooking lessons, great food, and adrenaline activities.

It is safe to say that most wish to stay in Costa Rica; however I am pretty sure Dr. Brown would dissaprove as would everyone's family.  I won't lie, I kind of wish to stay here as well.  But I have an idea that this will not be my last time here.  I love the people here and I love the research.  It really has been a joy and a priveledge to be the field assistant on this trip.  It has been educational to be on the other side of a research project. And I am really proud of all the student's work this year.  I can't wait to tackle the analysis when we all get back to the Uof S.

Please wish us well with out travels tomorrow. 

Adios Costa Rica, Gracias por su genorosidad.


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