More photos from the trip

A few of my photos didn't quite fit in with what we posted from the field, so here are a few more glimpses of the work in Costa Rica.

Another shot of Chris doing his insect sweeps in a teak monoculture.  Note the relatively open understory compared to a true forest, and the regular distances between trees indicative of an artificial planting:


A view of Hector and Chris ascending a relatively steep slope bordering a pasture area that will be planted with trees over the coming year:


A few of the insects on the property, including a lovely metallic beetle:


And the leafcutter ants, which are more easily photographed by getting to their level.  There were several new leafcutter colonies becoming established on the property during May, which marks the beginning of the season in which queens disperse and found new locations:


The arrival of the sloth on board Enrique's four-wheeler.  The sloth immediately found its way to Kelly, who with Elise helped to release him back into the wild.  (other visitors to the property were preparing for horseback riding, which explains their helmets):


And finally, for John R. Good Elementary Super Science club--a tree full of oropendola nests!


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