The last post from Asis

This is my last post from Costa Rica.  I would like to say that I´m very busy wrapping up my work, but I did everything last night in a fit of mild panic.  Now I´m killing time and mostly hanging around Asis like a bum.  I suppose I could feed the animals or machete something, but after the last few work-filled days, I´m content to waste a few hours.

I have enjoyed my week very much!  Today was the first morning that I didn´t see any new birds for my birdcount which is at 43 I think.  Considering my inaptitude at birding and severe depedence on my fieldguide, I´m proud of that number.  I tried to do some ant-watching this morning and got myself all set up.  I staked out a huge anthill and surrounded it´s perimeter with tunafish.  I was still only getting litter ants after about 40 minutes and was distracted for the most part by birds.  I had a very difficult time feeling like ant-watching was more important than bird-watching (sorry Nick)!  Then the hound dogs came through and ate my experiment.  I never saw a single ant come out of that hill, not even after I obnoxiously poked a stick into every hole, so I decided it must be a dead colony.  Morale was low and I packed up in haste, getting back just in time for the coffeebreak.  I feel like I´ve been taking a coffeebreak ever since!

I suspect that Alvaro is happy with the work I´ve done, since he just came in to ask for advice.  He would like to offer some sort of ecology program to university students was looking for advice on topics or areas of study.  I dusted off my brain and came up with reforestation, diversity studies, an ongoing behavioral study at Asis of broad-billed herons (they have one of the most stable communities in this area), and a sustainable agriculture program with homestays and first-hand experience.  Who knows if any of that is feasable!  Alvaro is very much in his own head and is particularly difficult to read.  He has been very helpful in arranging my visit here and at least, in return, I overwhelmend him with lots of ecology information to offer to visitors.  Alvaro has been trying to read them all and keeps apologizing for being behind.  I did not intend to give him ¨homwork!¨ 

My ride tomorrow leaves for San Jose at 8:45am.  My flight is at 2:45pm and I think I might get there with time to spare.  Good!  I have non-negotiable plans to visit all the free CafeBrit chocolate samples, which is something like a marathon.  Dedication, persistance, and honor!  These are the virtues I will need to complete my mission (honor because after I´m done I think I´m duty-bound to buy something).

I am very grateful to everyone who made this week possible!  I have had a wonderful time!  I think that I´ve learned a lot and perhaps I have been able to help a lot.


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