My spectacular bird-find

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Greetings once again!  My project here at Asis is going well and I´ve produced some rather good information sheets on island biogeography, ecosystems, wetland habitats, riparian habitats, rainforest habitats, as well as probably doubling the birdcount.  I think Alvaro is happy with it all, at least I hope so.  I´ve been waking up early and watching birds before Señora Flora feeds me breakfast.  They start the day late here.  I don´t get picked up until 8am and by then the birds are more subdued. 

I´m waiting on my flaculation tubes so I can determine the soil composition, and have been stalking one particular hummingbird all day.  I think it´s a juvenile black-crested coquette female, but it may be a juvenile white-crested coquette female.  Isn´t that an absolute bear?  Oh, exciting news for anyone who birds - I identified a rather uncommon species of bird called an agami heron.  It´s been hanging around for two days.  I´m positive it isn´t a tricolored heron.  I have photographic proof, yarrr!


Way to go Katheryn. Sounds like you are having loads of fun doing that. I miss it's the report part which is interesting but lengthy and not as interesting as watching birds. Goodluck I am sure you are doing great!

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