I'm finished..! :)

I'm both happy and sad to be finished with field ecology Mayterm. It was definitely a new experience for me...but a great one! I enjoyed getting to know my classmates so well especially in the Costa Rican rain forest! Dr. Brown is really an incredibly smart and talented lady from whom I learned a lot. Before this class, I hadn't had the opportunity to put into play my environmentalist concerns. The most I had done for the environment was to decrease my water bottle purchases and take my own cloth bags to the grocery store. Now I can say that I have really done something for the environment. My project falls under the umbrella title of "Habitat Monitoring" that called for me to work with and analyze water and soil samples. I also had to take photographs of the habitat and compare the plant life from the photographed points in 2008. Obviously my favorite part was the photographs since it retained my more artsy-not-so-sciency personality, but my other jobs were just as fulfilling because as I said, I finally got to explore my environmentalist side. All in all, I think this was a great experience for me, so I am sad that it is over, but am glad that it happened. :D

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