Back in Dallas

The group is back in Dallas and the students are enjoying a well-needed day off.  We're having a very rainy morning here, which could make us believe we're still in Costa Rica, if not for the absence of the songs of toucans and hummingbirds.  We arrived late last night after a very long journey, which included a longer than usual trip from Monterrey to San Jose for our flight.  There are three main roads from the capital toward Monterrey--one lost nearly 19 km of road due to the earthquake in January, and a second road was washed out due to a landslide the morning of our departure.  So with all of the traffic (animal and automobile) diverted to the sole remaining road we had slow travel.

We dropped our field assistant, Katheryn, at Proyecto Asis ( on the way.  The site is a wild animal rescue center that allows homestays by volunteers.  Katheryn will be helping the director, Alvaro del Castillo, with some of the work he would like to do on a guide for visitors.  She'll be blogging from the project, and will return to Dallas on the 6th of June.

Thanks to all of you following the blog.  The reflection the students have put into their blog entries has enabled them to think more about what they've done, and its significance for both the course and for what the ultimately would like to do.  We'll be posting the data from this year's research soon, and updating the maps with Richard's help.

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