New Panoramic Comparison Viewer + New Aerial Photo

The panoramic images are now displayed using a new comparison viewer. This allows you to view panoramic photographs taken at the same location but from different years. A slider fades the view from one image to the other image.

Note: As the 2009 images have not yet been taken these appear black. When using the viewer, you will need to move the slider from 2009 to 2008. This will fix itself as we create the new 2009 images next month.

Also, last week I added a new aerial photograph to the Virtual Earth version of the maps. As with the ASTER image on the same map, this was converted into map form using Microsoft's MapCruncher program. It was tied to the real world using GPS coordinates taken during the 2008 field season. The aerial photograph is much higher resolution than the ASTER image. It was taken after the cabins were built but before the first plantations were planted.