Book Review: GIS for Web Developers

GIS for Web Developers, Scott Davis, Pragmatic Programmers LLC 2007 As the name suggests, this book is intended as an introduction to online geospatial mapping for web developers. This target audience has a mix of expertise, and Davis does a good job of keeping the correct balance. No assumptions are made regarding the readers’ knowledge ...

OpenStreetMap 3d: Prototype Released

The first prototype of OpenStreetMap 3d has been released. This integrates OpenStreetMap with SRTM (Shuttle Radar Topopgraphy Mission)  elevation (DEM) data. The initial prototype covers Germany only. Further information in English and German can be found at:    

Technical Overview: GeoRSS

GeoRSS is a standard for adding location information to an RSS feed. Example applications include travel blogs, news feeds, and real time earthquake feeds. Location information is typically a point location, but it can also include geographic lines, polygons, and related feature descriptions. Many online mapping services support GeoRSS, allowing map “mashups” to be easily ...

The Guardian newspaper (UK) launches web services platform with partner OpenStreetMap

As we all know, the traditional newspaper business model has been under attack for a few years and newspapers have started to fail. Whilst most papers seem to just complain about troubled times, the UK’s Guardian newspaper is being more imaginative than most, and has launched a web services platform enabling open access to its ...

Technical Overview: Yahoo! Maps API

Technical Overview: Yahoo! Maps API
As a part of their various portal services, Yahoo! offer a free mapping service that can easily interface with their other portal services (eg. address book). The map portal also has a number of programming interfaces that include Javascript AJAX, Flash, and a couple of web services.