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Volcan Arenal

Volcan Arenal is only a few miles away, and the study area has excellent views of the volcano when it is not shrouded in clouds.

Arenal is a active basalt-andesite stratovolcano. It is the youngest volcano in Costa Rica and has been erupting continuously since 1968. This is very unusual for an andesitic subduction zone volcano. This long lasting eruption and relatively accessible location, make Arenal one of the top locations in the world if you wish to see an active eruption in progress.

The 1968 eruption started with a Vulcanian explosion, but is now primarily Strombolian with lava flows and occasional pyroclastic flows.

Arenal is showing signs of reduced activity but continues to be very dangerous and has killed people in recent years. Do NOT climb the cone, do NOT enter closed areas, and take heed of ALL warning signs.



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Welcome to the EcoMap Costa Rica website and blog. I am the administrator of the site, and I shall be running the vulcanology and mapping sides of the project.

My posts to this blog will concentrate on volcanoes, mapping, and the various technical aspects of this website. Posts over the next week or so will review and recommend volcano books and websites that are relevant to Arenal and/or Costa Rica.

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